Educational Schedule



 Undergraduate students must take 20 credits in general courses, 26 credits in basic courses, 84 credits in compulsory courses and 10 credits in elective courses (Total 140 credits) for B.Sc. in Civil Engineering.




 Curriculum for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


 COURSE CODE                                 COURSE TITLE                                 CREDITS                                                                                                             


 Semester I (Fall)       

 2010115                          Physics I                                                                            3

  1914101                           Calculus I                                                                          4

 1610101                           Engineering Drawing                                                      2

 2510111                           General English for Engineers                                      3

 2010116                           Physics Lab I                                                                    1

 -                                           General Courses                                                             4


 Semester II (Spring)

2010125                            Physics II                                                                           3

 1914102                            Calculus II                                                                         4

1210108                            Engineering Geology I                                                    2

1610102                            Statics                                                                                3

1610119                            Surveying                                                                          2

 -                                           General Courses                                                             4


 Semester III (Fall)

1730150                             Computer Programming                                                 3

1914251                             Differential Equations                                                     3

1610205                             Dynamics                                                                          2

1610120                             Field Work for Surveying                                                1

1610200                             Building Materials                                                            2

1612210                             Strength of Materials                                                       4

 -                                           General Courses                                                             3

 Semester IV (Spring)

1610222                             Principles of Architecture and Urban Planning          2

1912291                             Engineering Statistics and Probability                         3

1614226                             Fluid Mechanics I                                                             3

1616330                             Soil Mechanics                                                                 3

1612224                             Structural Analysis I                                                         3

1612334                             Concrete Technology                                                     2

 -                                           General Courses                                                             2


 Semester V (Fall)

1610324                            Architectural Design                                                        2

1614308                            Hydraulics                                                                         2

1616320                            Highway Engineering                                                     2

 1612312                            Structural Analysis II                                                        2

 1610300                            Building Materials Lab                                                    1

 1612302                            Steel Structures Design I                                                3

 1614315                            Environmental Engineering                                           2

 1610316                            English for Civil Engineering                                         2

 1612402                            Strength of Materials Lab                                               1


Semester VI (Spring)                                                                                                                1614330               Engineering Hydrology                           3

1614342                             Fluid Mechanics Lab                                                       1

1914271                             Elementary Numerical Methods                                   2

1612348                             Design of Concrete Structures I                                    3

1616356                             Highway Engineering Project                                       1

1612344                             Loading                                                                             2

1616360                             Soil Mechanics Lab                                                         1

1612334                             Steel Structures Design II                                               3

1616406                             Foundation Engineering                                                2

 -                                           Elective Courses                                                              2


Semester VII (Fall)

1614404                            Water & Wastewater Systems                                       3

1612418                            Steel Structures Project                                                  1

 1612427                            Design of Concrete Structures II                                   3

1612413                            Construction of Buildings & workshop                         2

 -                                           General Courses                                                             2

 -                                           Elective Courses                                                              6


 Semester VIII (Spring)

 1612457                            Earthquake Engineering                                                3

 1612436                            Reinforced Concrete Project                                         1

1610424                            Estimation of Project                                                       2

1614425                            Water and Wastewater Project                                      1

1616475                            Pavement Design                                                            3

1614432                            Water Distribution Systems                                            3

 -                                           General Courses                                                             2

 -                                           Elective Courses                                                              2


 Elective Courses

(Water Engineering)


1614373                            Chemistry and Microbiology of Water & Wastewater     3

1614486                            Groundwater                                                                     2

1616362                            Road Building Machinery & Methods                          2

 1614371                            Statistical Hydrology                                                       2

 1614236                            Fluid Mechanics II                                                            2

1614441                            Hydraulics Machinery & Pump Stations                      2

1614380                            Purification Processes of Water & Wastewater          3

1614373                            Principles of Harbor Engineering                                 2

1614463                            Small Dams                                                                      2



Elective Courses

(Geotechnical Engineering)

1616362                            Road Building Machinery & Methods                          2

1616317                            Applied Geotechnics                                                       2

1616435                            Traffic Engineering                                                          2

 1616437                            Tunneling                                                                          3

1616431                            Earth Dams                                                                       2

1616373                            Railway Engineering                                                      2

1616371                            Foundation Engineering II                                             2


Elective Courses

(Structural Engineering)


1612484                             Matrix Analysis of Structures                                         3

1612459                             Plastic Analysis and Design of  structures                  3

1612470                             Bridge Engineering                                                         3

1612471                             Prestressed Concrete                                                     3

1610134                             Welding Workshop                                                          1

1612339                             Strength of Materials II                                                    2






1610101                Engineering Drawing        2 Cr.      Introduction to the concept of engineering drawing, orthographic drawing sketching, sections and conventions. Pictorial drawing and sketching, isometric and oblique, two point perspective, additional short problems in Architectural drawing. Prerequisite: -


1210108                Engineering Geology I      2 Cr.       The nature and scope of physical geology, matter and energy. Minerals. Igneous activity and rocks, Sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, erosion on hill slopes, running water, underground water, tectonic. Earthquakes. Prerequisite: -


1610102                Statics  3 Cr.      Force systems, equilibrium, structures, distributed forces, friction, moments and products of inertia.

Prerequisite: Calculus I 1914101


1610119 & 1610120          Surveying & Field Work I  3 Cr.                       Introduction, shape and size of the earth, theory of errors, measurement of distance, angle and elevation, surveying network, plane and topographic surveying.

 Prerequisite: Calculus I 1914101


1610205                Dynamics            3 Cr.       Dynamics of particles & rigid bodies at general plane motion including kinematics, dynamic equilibrium, work & energy, and impulse & momentum. Prerequisite: Statics 1610102 & Physics of Mechanics 2010115


1610200                Building Materials             2 Cr.      Cement, aggregates, and concrete building units concrete admixtures, brick and tile, stone, ferrous and nonferrous metals, gypsum and lime, glass, bituminous materials, building papers, plastics, building boards, exterior wall materials, flooring & roofing materials, insulating materials, acoustical materials interior finishing materials, adhesives, sealers, sealants, protective and decorating coatings. Prerequisite: Engineering Geology I 1210108


1612210                Strength of Materials       4 Cr.      Tension, compression, torsion, bending, shear, combined stresses in beams and frames, Mohr circle, beam deflection, buckling of column. Prerequisite: Statics 1610102


1610222                Principles of Architectural and Urban Planning       2 Cr.       Lecture-seminar on aspect of aesthetic in architectural design, architectural criticism.

 Prerequisite: Engineering Drawing 1610101


1614226                Fluid Mechanics I              3 Cr.      Fluid statics: pressure force on surfaces, buoyancy, fluid dynamics: continuity, energy and momentum principles, dimensional analysis & hydraulic similitude, drag force, laminar-flow, flow in pipes.

 Prerequisite: Dynamics 1610205 & Strength of Materials 1612210


1616330                Soil Mechanics  3 Cr.       In this course, the physical and mechanical properties of soil are discussed. These properties are categorized in seven subjects as: Strength of soil, permeability, compaction, consolidation, stress distribution, slope stability and ranking states of equilibrium.

 Prerequisite: Strength of Materials 1612210


1612224                Structural Analysis I        3 Cr.      Determinacy and Indeterminacy, stability, internal forces of frames, trusses, zero load method, influence line, deflection of structures, area moment method, virtual work, unit load method, settlement, thermal effect, misfit, force method, three moment equation.

 Prerequisite: Calculus II 1914102 and Strength of Materials 1612210


1612334                Concrete Technology      2 Cr.       Cement, aggregates, water, fresh concrete, mixing, handling, placing, compacting, admixtures, temperature problems, testing, mix design.

Prerequisite: Building Materials 1610200


1610324                Architectural Design        2 Cr.      Introduction to project program development with emphasis on the analysis of functional and structural needs, additional problems in housing, common building design and presentation,.

 Prerequisite: Principles of Architectural and Urban Planning 1610222


1614308                Hydraulics          2 Cr.       Types of flow in open channels, specific energy, critical depths, constant head energy, principles of momentum in open channels flow, uniform flow, gradually varied flow.

Prerequisite : Fluid Mechanics I 1614226.


1616320                Highway Engineering       3 Cr.      Earthwork, circular curves, compound and reverse curves, parabolic vertical curves, transition spirals, element of highway safety: curve super elevation, widening on curves, sight distance, intersections.

Prerequisite: Soil Mechanics 1616330; Surveying I 1610119.


1612312                Structural Analysis II       2 Cr.       Indeterminate structures, displacement methods, slope deflection, moment distribution, influence lines, non prismatic beams.

Prerequisite: Structural Analysis I 1612224.


1610300                Building Materials lab.     1 Cr.      Evaluation of chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of Portland cement, lime, gypsum, stone, mineral aggregates, fresh and hard concrete, brick and tile, .... . in accordance with specification and designation indicated in annual book of ASTM Standards.

Prerequisite: Concrete Technology 1612334.


1612302                Steel Structures Design I  3 Cr.      General principles of structural design, mechanical properties of steel, tension member, design of beam, design of compression member, design of member in bending and compression, castellated beams, design of base plates.

Prerequisite: Structural Analysis I 1612224


1614315                Environmental Engineering            3 Cr.       The Principles of water and wastewater treatment, water quality management, air pollution, solid waste, noise pollution and soil treatment will be discussed.


1610316                Technical English in Civil Engineering        2 Cr.       Technical terms in areas of: Drawing, concrete, materials, construction, soil, road, structures, transportation, water, etc... are discussed.

Prerequisite: English for Engineers 2510111


1612402                Strength of Materials Lab.              1 Cr.       Measurement of beams reactions, and deflection, tension and compression of bars, torsion test, impact test, stability of columns, strain measurement in beams, stability of structures.

 Prerequisite: Strength of Materials 1612210.


1614330 Engineering Hydrology   3 Cr.                       Hydrological cycle, atmospheric water, precipitation, hydrological abstractions, surface water, rainfall-runoff relationships, groundwater, statistical hydrology. Prerequisite : Mechanics of Fluids  1614226, Engineering Statistics and Probability 1912291



1614342                Fluid Mechanics Lab.       1 Cr.       Friction pipes & joints, hydraulic jump in open channel, hydrostatic force on surfaces, flow discharge measuring devices, jet impact.

Prerequisite: Hydraulics 1614308.


1612348                Design of Concrete Structures I   3 Cr.      Introduction, physical and mechanical properties of concrete, design methods and requirements, analysis and design of rectangular, T, I section in bending, shear, torsion, members in compression and bending, interaction curves for columns, effect of slenderness in design of columns. Prerequisite: Structural Analysis I 1612224.


1616356                Highway Engineering Project        1 Cr.      Design of a highway, and highway facilities.

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320.


1612344                Loading of Structures      2 Cr.       Probability laws for wind, earthquake and live loads, forces generated by wind, Iranian code, forces generated by earthquakes, Iranian code & U.B.C. approach, vertical loads, approximate solutions for vertical & horizontal loads, some systems to carry vertical & horizontal loads.

  Prerequisite: Engineering Statistics and Probability 19211, Simul. Structural  Analysis II 1612312.


1616360 Soil Mechanics Lab.         1 Cr.      Standardized laboratory tests for determination of soil engineering properties which are defined in soil mechanics.

 Prerequisite: Soil Mechanics 1616330.


1612334                Steel Structures II             3 Cr.      Analysis and design of beams by plastic methods design of composite beams, design of plate girders; torsion in I beams bolts, welds, design of connections.

Prerequisite: Steel Structures Design I 1612302.


1616406                 Foundation Engineering 2 Cr.      Subsurface exploration, ultimate bearing capacity of shallow foundations, settlement of shallow foundations, lateral earth pressure and retaining walls, pile foundations. Prerequisite: Soil Mechanics 1616330.


1614404                 Water and Wastewater Systems 3 Cr.       Introduction to municipal water and wastewater treatment and network systems: sources of public water supply, water quality and quantity requirements, design and analysis of water distribution network, quantity and characteristics of wastewater, design of wastewater collection systems, fundamentals of water and wastewater treatment processes.

 Prerequisite: Engineering Hydrology I 1614330, Simul. Hydraulics 1614308.


1612418                Steel Structure Project    1 Cr.      Analysis and design of a building and or an industrial building. Prerequisite: Loading 16345; Structural Analysis II 1612312;  Steel Structures Design II 1612334.


1612427                Concrete Structures II     3 Cr.      Bond stress and development length, one way slabs, two way slabs, yield line theory, foundations, crack widths and deflection, shear friction, corbels.

 Prerequisite : Steel Structures Design I 1612344;  Simul. Structural Analysis II 1612334.


1612413  Construction of Buildings & workshop 2 Cr. 


1612457                Earthquake Engineering 3 Cr.      Earthquake signals & filtration, baseline correction, frequency filtering method, low-pass & high-pass filters, modal analysis under earthquake loading, spectra & response spectrum, earthquake codes, earthquake damage, shaking table tests.

Prerequisite: Structural Analysis II 1612334;  Design of Concrete Structures I 1612348.


1612436   Reinforce Concrete Project         1 Cr.      A complete concrete structure project design including a 10-story building site concrete slab and shear wall. Design of all structural elements in the building.

Prerequisite : Structural Analysis II 1612334;  Design of Concrete Structures II 1612427


1610424                 Estimating & Projects     2 Cr.      General Introduction to get acquainted with types of contract, conditions of contract and getting tenders. Developing relationship with employer, consulting engineers, contractor, and formulating duties of groups. Methods of measurement for some type of constructions. Cost analysis for different types of constructions.

Prerequisite: Architectural Design 1610324.


1614425                 Water and Wastewater Project    1 Cr.      Practices in the analysis and design of municipal water distribution system.

 Prerequisite: Water & Wastewater  Systems 1614404.


1616475                 Pavement Design            3 Cr.      Stress in flexible pavements, materials characterization, climate and environmental effects, sub grade stabilization, design of flexible pavements, pavement distress, flexible overlay design, geo grade use in asphalt overlays.

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320.


1614432                 Water Distribution Systems          3 Cr.      Design principles for small dams. Design of open channels. Intakes and turnouts. Design of weirs on permeable foundations. Design of hydraulic jump stilling basins. Water conveyance structures.

Prerequisite: Soil Mechanics 1616330 and Hydraulics 1614308.




(Water Engineering)


1614373  Chemistry and Microbiology of Water & Wastewater  3 Cr.

Prerequisite: Environmental Engineering 1614315.


1614486  Groundwater     2 Cr.       Groundwater and aquifers, physical properties of aquifers, Darcy's law and hydraulic conductivity, well-flow systems, measurement of hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, specific yield, and storage coefficient, groundwater exploration, well construction, pumping, and groundwater quality.

 Prerequisite: Engineering Geology 1210108, Simul. Engineering Hydrology 1614330.


1616362                 Road Building Machinery & Methods         2 Cr.      Operational hydraulic systems excavators, loaders, crawler road engineering tractors, rollers, graders, scrapers, management project control, road construction Method.

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320.


1614371 Statistical Hydrology  2 Cr.           

Prerequisite: Engineering Hydrology 1614330.


1614236  Fluid Mechanics II  2 Cr.                

Prerequisite: Fluid Mechanics I 1614226. 


1614441  Hydraulics Machinery & Pump Stations  2 Cr.         Hydraulic machines- turbines fluid systems, reciprocating pumps, indicator diagrams, centrifugal pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, cavitation, water hammer, air vessels, structure of pumping station 2 Cr. 

Prerequisite: Fluid Mechanics I 1614226. 


1614380  Purification Processes of Water & Wastewater  3 Cr.

Prerequisite:  Chemistry and Microbiology of Water & Wastewater 1614373


1614373 Principles of Harbor Engineering  2 Cr.  Coastal and harbor structures, 2-D wave equations, finite amplitude waves, wave refraction, diffraction and reflection, coastal water level fluctuations, wind generated waves, analysis of harbor and coastal structures, coastal zone processes, 

Prerequisite: Hydraulics 1614308.


1614463  Small Dams 2 Cr.   Principles of small dams, flood hydrology studies, selection of type of dam, construction and materials, design principles of different small dams, diversion dams, embankments, forces acting on the gravity dams, requirements for stability, stress and stability analysis, hydraulics of spillways, hydraulics of control structures, hydraulics of free and pressurized flow, hydraulics of outlets, fish ways and sediment channels, sedimentation in reservoirs,

Prerequisite: Water Distribution Systems 1614432.




(Geotechnical Engineering)


1616362  Road Building Machinery & Methods         2 Cr.      Operational hydraulic systems excavators, loaders, crawler road engineering tractors, rollers, graders, scrapers, management project control, road construction Method

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320.


1616317 Applied Geotechnics       2 Cr. 

Prerequisite: Foundation Engineering I 1616406.


1616435  Traffic Engineering          2 Cr.       Elements of traffic engineering, travel time and delay studies, spot speed studies, volume studies, traffic theory, highway capacity, parking studies, traffic control devices.

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320, Engineering Statistics and Probability 1912291.


1616437  Tunnel Engineering         3 Cr.       This course covers the principles of the methods and technology for underground excavations, the basic computational methods to design the supports and lining for tunnels.

Prerequisite: Foundation Engineering I 1616406.


1616431  Earth Dams       2 Cr.       In this course the design and analysis of earth and rock fill dams are discussed and it can be divided in five basic subjects as: materials, cut off methods, drainage systems, design and foundations.

Prerequisite: Soil Mechanics Lab 1616360.


1616373 Railway Engineering   2 Cr. 

Prerequisite: Highway Engineering 1616320.


1616371 Foundation Engineering II  2 Cr. 

Prerequisite: Foundation Engineering I 1616406.



(Structural Engineering)


1612484                Matrix Analysis of Structures       3 Cr.       Matrix algebra, mathematical modeling of members, stiffness method, plane structures, space structures, special topics in stiffness method, flexibility method.

Prerequisite: Structural Analysis II 1612312, Elementary Numerical Methods 1914271.


1612459 Plastic Analysis and Design of  structures   3 Cr.  Basic concepts, plastic  bending, ultimate loads of beams and frames, plastic design of beams and columns, beam-columns, deflections.

Prerequisite: Steel Structures Design I 1612302.


1612470                Bridge Engineering Credits            3 Cr.      Analysis and design of different bridge decks including: concrete slabs, T beam decks multi-beam decks (steel or prestressed), box beam bridges (steel or concrete), segmental post-tensioned box girder bridge.

Prerequisite: Steel Structures Design I 1612302; Design of Concrete  Structures II 1612427.


1612471 Prestressed Concrete    3 Cr.       Different types of prestressing, transfer stresses service load stresses. Ultimate flexural strength shear strength, prestress losses, end block design statically indeterminate prestressed structures.

Prerequisite: Design of Concrete Structures I 1612348.


1610134 Welding Workshop   1 Cr.

Prerequisite: Steel Structures Design I 1612302.


1612210                Strength of Materials II    2 Cr.

Prerequisite: Structural Analysis I 1612339.