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The Civil Engineering Department (CED) of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) was launched in 1977 as one of the pioneering institutes of IUT and by far, has been one of the most influencing civil engineering educational centers throughout the country.

Extensive educational space along with well-equipped laboratories and facilities results in well-educated and elite graduates who have always been influencers for improvement of the country in the field of construction and civil. Their names appear as effective engineers in many of the largest national projects like Milad tower of Tehran, Karun dams and thousands of kilometers of highways, railways and subways of the country.

CED is honored by benefiting distinguished faculty members in educational and research affairs, whose publications including books and scientific papers have always been among the most referred literature for academic and engineering purposes. Their effective correlation with industrial centers especially presenting engineering advisory activities, have provided good opportunities for CED students to improve their future career in civil engineering market.

A large number of CED graduates have been and are among the graduate candidates or faculty members of high-ranked universities all around the globe. They have also been a considerable part in recruitment of well-known international civil engineering companies and industries, which may be counted as a clear sign of mutual trust between CED and international engineering and scientific assemblies. Effective collaboration between CED and various scientific centers in the world also provides the students with numerous opportunities for the development of their research activities to meet the international standards during their work.

Today, dozens of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates are annually graduated in the following six majors from CED,

- Structural and Earthquake Engineering

- Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

- Water Resources Engineering and Management

- Geotechnical Engineering

- Environmental Engineering

- Road and Transportation Engineering

A great target market is available for these graduates in,

- Constructional projects like buildings, towers, bridges, plants, etc.

- Water related structures like dams, waterways, harbors, offshore platforms, etc.

- Surface and groundwater resources management, Water transportation systems, treatment centers

- Environmental protection by waste management, wastewater treatment, etc.

- Earth digging related affairs like tunnels, foundations, piles, supplementary walls, etc.

- Transportation lines like roads, highways, railways, subways, etc.


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