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Road and Transportation Group

Road and Transportation Engineering is one of the most deep-rooted majors in Civil Engineering. Transportation network has a dramatic influence on the political, economic and social issues by linking the strategic centers. The main focus in this major is on design and maintenance of different transportation systems such as roads, railways and airports. Students learn about the geometric design of transportation systems and the methods for overcoming the restrictions in such design. Design of road pavement structure, another paramount goal in this major, involves selecting the type and thickness of materials used in layers so that the structure can endure well during its service life. Another important issue in this field is the road management and maintenance system. It deals with finding the best method of road maintenance in suitable conditions as well as increasing the road service life especially during the constrained-budget conditions. Prioritizing and selecting the type of maintenance and budget assignment based on a suitable road management system will be on the way of maximum efficiency and longevity with minimal costs.

The main topics in this major are design and analysis of pavement, pavement technology and material, road geometric design, traffic engineering and road maintenance management. Some other topics related to this major are bridge management and maintenance, tunnel management and maintenance, airport engineering, ports engineering, fracture mechanics, advanced soil mechanics, railway engineering, traffic safety, air transportation, sea transportation, and transportation planning.

Regarding the importance of transportation network as a key tool for socioeconomic development, huge investments are made all around the world which creates many research opportunities for pursue of a graduate degree in Road and Transportation Engineering. Given the huge need to develop the country's transportation system, there will be good job opportunities for the specialists in this field. Road and transportation offices, planning and budget organization, municipalities, transportation and traffic organizations, transportation research centers, Railway Companies, engineering consultants and technical offices of contract companies are important centers of attraction for road and transportation engineers.

Some of the completed and ongoing projects in Civil Engineering Department are as follows,

Developing predictive models for pavement structural parameters changes to investigate pavement deterioration


Applying Remaining Service Interval (RSI) in the management and planning of roads pavement

Seyed Mehdi Abtahi

Road & Transportation Group
Faculty, Associate Professor
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Room Number : 355
Mohamad Reza jafari

Road & Transportation Group
Faculty, Responsible for mapping laboratory, Instructor
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Room Number : 357
Seyed Mehdi Nasimi far

Road & Transportation Group
Faculty, Assistant professor
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Room Number : 323

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