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Environmental Engineering Group

Introducing Master Program in Environmental Engineering


The aim of Master program in Environmental Engineering is to train students with capabilities for design and implementation of projects in various environmental fields.


Considering population growth, industrial development and enhancement of the communities’ welfare around the world, assessing environmental impacts of development plans has always been a key concern of governments in different countries highlighting the need for well-educated and expert graduates of Environmental Engineering.



Some specific projects of this field include:

Water, soil and air pollution control

Design of water/waste water treatment plants

Urban and industrial waste management

Modeling transport of pollutants in water, soil and air


Department of Civil Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology has been admitting students and educating experts since 1995.


Milad Aminzadeh

Environmental Engineering Group
Faculty, Former Faculty
Hasti Hasheminejad

Environmental Engineering Group
Faculty, Assistant professor
  • +98 313 3913833
Room Number : 322
Masoud Taherion

Environmental Engineering Group
Faculty, Responsible for the environmental laboratory, Assistant professor
  • +98 313 3913822
Room Number : 325
هاشمی نژاد

Environmental Engineering Group
Faculty, Representative of industry relations, Responsible for the environmental laboratory, Associate Professor
  • 031-33913833
Room Number : 322
Behnaz Harandi zadeh

Environmental Engineering Group
Staff, Lab Instructor
  • +98 313 3913842

Environmental Lab

Environmental Laboratory 

(Accredited by the Department of Environment)

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