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Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Group

Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures involves design, analysis and optimization of the structures that deal with water. This major is a combination of structural engineering and water engineering majors. By choosing this major, a civil engineer will be able to perform structural and hydraulic projects simultaneously. There is a link between this major and other topics like Geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and water resources management. Students can choose their optional courses in geotechnical, structural, earthquake, water or even environmental engineering, with emphasis on the design of water-related structures.

In recent years some factors such as population growth, new attitude towards optimum use of water resources for different purposes and the great focus on issues related to dams and structures for water supply and distribution has resulted in a considerable and increasing need for water engineering expert specialists.

Graduates of this major can work in organizations responsible for the development of projects in the field of water engineering such as the Ministries of Energy, Agriculture, Roads and Urban Planning, and also Municipalities. They can also collaborate with dam and water resources engineering consultants, supervise the execution of projects related to these companies and participate in the design of hydraulic structures such as dams, tunnels, river engineering, transmission lines, water distribution networks, and water channels. In the above items, the design, execution and monitoring of hydraulic structures is performed directly under the supervision of hydraulic engineers, which in turn provides them with suitable job opportunities. The necessity of this program is quite evident regarding the size of investment in the water industry and the extraordinary need to extract and utilize water resources properly for drinking, agricultural and industrial usage and also for the development of power plants.

Faculties of the Water and Hydraulic Structures group in civil engineering department of IUT have a long record in teaching and research areas, with many achievements in the field of analysis, design and optimization of various hydraulic structures and river engineering. The master’s and PhD programs in this department were established in 1996 and 2010. Graduates of this program are always among the elites of the country and have the potential to study at the best universities or work as skilled engineers in the market. The effective cooperation between the faculty members and accredited academic communities has provided opportunities for students to also advance their research activities abroad.


Research activities:

Dam and Hydraulic Structures

Analysis, design and hydraulic optimization of earth and concrete dams and the related facilities, Different types of spillways, Intake towers and outlet ducts, Tunnels

River Engineering

River streams, Sediment and erosion, Coastal protection structures

Water-Structure Interaction

Interaction of hydraulic structures such as gates and spillways, dynamic analysis and stability analysis of dams and hydraulic structures

Concrete Technology in Hydraulic Structures

Concrete technology in hydraulic structures, Concretes resistant to abrasion and erosion, Concrete additives in hydraulic structures

Transportation Lines and Distribution and Collection Networks

Analysis, design and optimization of water transmission lines, Water distribution networks, Wastewater collection networks, Pumping stations, etc.

Irrigation and Drainage Networks

Analysis, design and optimization of irrigation and drainage canals and related structures such as dams, spillways, gates, inclined drops, etc.


Mohamdreza Chamani

Hydraulic Structures Group
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • +98 313 3913831
Room Number : 327
Abdolreza Kabiri

Hydraulic Structures Group
Faculty, Responsible Hydraulic laboratory, Professor
  • +98 313 3913829
Room Number : 309
Mohammad Navid Mogheim

Hydraulic Structures Group
Faculty, Head of Department, Associate Professor
  • +98 313 3913841
Room Number : 343
Mostafa Koushki

Hydraulic Structures Group
Staff, Lab Instructor

Hydraulic Structures Lab

Hydraulic Structures Laboratory 

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