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Geotechnical Engineering Group

Geotechnical engineering is a field of civil engineering which deals with understanding what is beneath ground surface. The application of this field of engineering can be useful in different projects such as design of dams, tunnels, foundation, retaining walls, temporary excavation supports, etc. This knowledge is also used in route selection for roads and highways and also projects dealing with buried wastes, soil contamination, transporting petroleum products and examining ground water flow. Today with the help of computational methods, prediction can be more easily done and computer advances have facilitated recognition of soil behavior.

Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) benefits activity in this field since 1370(1991) and many researches related to solving problems have been done so far. Applicants with a bachelor degree in civil engineering can apply for Geotechnical engineering in IUT. This university offers the following fields of emphasis for master and PhD students:


Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil Properties

Laboratory and Field Testing

Shallow and Deep Foundations

Slope Stability

Earth Retaining Structures


Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Dynamic Soil Properties

Earthquake-Induced Ground Failure

Ground Motion Hazard Analysis


Geo-Environmental Engineering

Waste Containment Systems

Subsurface Migration of Containments


Geotechnical Engineering Group
Faculty, Associate Professor
  • +98 313 3913827
Room Number : 308
Mohamadreza Khanmohamadi

Geotechnical Engineering Group
Faculty, Assistant professor
  • +98 313 3913819
Room Number : 319
Mohammadali Roshanzamir

Geotechnical Engineering Group
Faculty, Responsible soil laboratory, Associate Professor
  • +98 313 3913823
Room Number : 362
Hajar Shar Esfahani

Geotechnical Engineering Group
Faculty, Assistant professor
  • +98 313 3913820
Room Number : 324
Mohamad Sadegh Ramezani

Geotechnical Engineering Group
Staff, Lab Instructor
  • +98 313 3913838
Mohamad Hosein Shams

Geotechnical Engineering Group
Staff, Lab Instructor
  • +98 313 3913838

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