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Hydraulic Structures Lab

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Hydraulic Structures Laboratory 

The hydraulic structures lab in the area of civil engineering department, is the center for experimental activities and research of the students in this major. The lab has the ability to model various streams including:

- Friction drop in pipe systems, Overflow

- Cavitation, hole and Jet launcher

- Head drop in pipes with laminar and turbulent flows

- Water jet impact, Stream passing a Venturi

- Flow measurement in pipes, Serial and parallel pumps

Following are some of the research instruments of the lab:

- Flume of 40cm width and 9m length

- Flume of 60cm width and 9m length

- Flume of 30cm width and 5.7m length

- Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) with Side/Down probes

- Eddy tank with crust and floor streams

- 12 channel compression data logger

- Research flumes laser bed profiler

- Concrete abrasion instrument

Address: Hydraulic Structuress laboratory, Civil Engineering Faculty, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Zip Code: 85156-83111


Telephone: 031-33913828

Fax: 031-33912700

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