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Computational Laboratory

Our department benefits from high quality computational facilities supporting academic and industrial cutting-edge researches in structural mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, materials science, and optimization problems. The computational lab provides high performance computing services for a considerable number of graduate students; in addition, supercluster of IUT is readily invoked to facilitate conduction of numerical projects whenever required.

Some of the services by this center include:

  • Support and maintenance of LAN, WiFi and VPN networks
  • Debugging individual and overall software, hardware and computer issues
  • Supporting network based services for faculties and students
  • Long time processing services in Civil Engineering Computational Unit (CECU)

Below is a list of available facilities in this lab:

  • 2 computer racks with swiches
  • 20 PCs for BSc students
  • 20 public PCs for MSc and PhD students
  • 12 high performance multi-user computers in CECU
  • 16 individual PCs for educational classes
  • 4 black and white A4 printer and one A3 printer
  • 2 Scanners Individual PCs for PhD students

Wireless access to the internet for students is available through the access point "IUTCITY".


Author: Dr. Nima Noormohammadi

Administrator: Ms Soheila Foroughi

Tel: +98 31 33913846


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